Administrative Management Services
Administrative Management Services
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     Document Recording Services
    We got you covered or in the least 47 States and counting...

    Conveniently submit documents right from your desk

    Documents recorded in minutes

    Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time

    Eliminate check-writing expenses

    Increase document security

    Instant communication to fix errors and adjust fees

    Have complete audit trails for every transaction

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E - Courier & Recording Services

​Administrative Management Services LLC makes it easy to e-record.
What is e recording
Electronic Document Recording or E recording is a service available to title companies, law firms,  banks, and other businesses that record documents frequently E recording is a delivery option that replaces paper document delivery (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, courier, hand delivery) in counties and jurisdictions that have adopted and set up e recording in their recording office.  Think of e recording as e delivery . 
​e recording is not available for one time recording or for personal documents from individuals.
​ Is e recording legal
You don’t have to use the mail, leave the office, or stand in line at the county – saving your time and your money. 
As of 2015 the only state not offering E recording is Vermont All states have approved one or both of the following 
1 The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA)
 2 The Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (URPERA)
 authorizing local land records officials to accept records in the new electronic format.

​ We record in over 42 States